The Company strictly and consequently observes the most important commitments of its Management in the above field. So, any activity has to ensure:

  • safe operation of ship and her security both at sea and in a port facility as well;
  • proper OH&S politics;
  • environment protection and pollution prevention;
  • systematic checking of quality level;
  • continuous improvement of all the above issues.
  • integrated Quality and Safety Management System (QSMS) is kept in compliance with valid international conventions, mandatory rules and regulations;
  • QSMS has been created in strict accordance with ISM Code requirements;
  • all people of both office staff and ship crews as well conduct their work according to QSMS provisions.
  • security policy of the Company is led in full accordance with ISPS Code requirements;
  • all ships managed by the Company possess Ship Security Plans (SSP);
  • exhaustive plan of contingency drills is being precisely executed;
  • onboard ships steaming in dangerous areas special security precautions have always been undertaken.
  • environmental policy and pollution prevention are extremely valid issues in the Company policy;
  • procedure regarding limitations to environment pollution and contamination sources has been especially severely observed;
  • the Company has a policy of consequent renewing its fleet in the aim to take part in backing sustainable development and in usage of continuously improved constructions and technologies as well.
  • preventing mistakes and/or defects in offered service;
  • focusing on quality topics;
  • 'fit for purpose' and 'right first time' policy;
  • customer oriented service.

One can download the following ceftificates of the Company (DoC - Document of Compliance) :

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