CHIPOLBROK – Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company was founded on 15th of June 1951 under the government of China and Poland bilateral agreement – as a first ever Sino-foreign joint-venture deed of association after proclamation of the People’s Republic of China. Its head office is located at Shanghai and European base at Gdynia. 



This pioneer, equally shared partnership enterprise arose out of 6 ships contributed by each contracting party.


Assigned to provide the sea transportation link between Polish and Chinese ports for carriage of investment goods and other commodities necessary for both countries development – over half-century period Chipolbrok has voyaged through different, sometimes tough political and economical times. However, activities did not remain limited to trade between China and Poland. Meanwhile, the company has been continuously and flexibly adjusting its services and fleet capabilities according to altered international trade exchange challenges. 

Despite the main task of linking two continents is realised basically through regular liner service, with fortnight frequency, hooked at Hamburg and Antwerp on the one side and at Shanghai, Xingang, Dalian on the another, nowadays the expanded field of activities covers wide geographical range as from Baltic Sea, North Sea,Mediterranean and US Gulf basic ports up to Middle East and India, South East and Far East Asian destinations.



Modern and multipurpose fleet of 17 geared, semi-container triple-deckers with total DWT over 395,000 and container capacity over 19,000 teu, suits perfectly for transportation of project cargo, plant materials and all kinds of general cargo. Four of those 17 vessels have been equipped with cranes able to lift pieces weighing up to 700 tonnes. Those heavy duty vessels have supported liner service in 2015-2016 and enabled Chipolbrok to call at outports en-route, on inducement basis, where heavy cranes are unavailable. Additionally, the advantage for safe cargo handling is Chipolbrok rich experience gained over the years in carriage of awkward, overdimensioned packages, heavy lifts, transformers, metro wagons, locomotives, trunk building machines, crane parts, vehicles, steel products besides the different sort of regular commodities but also empty containers repositioned for leasing companies. 

In years 2009-2011 next 6 innovatively designed ships have been delivered from Dalian shipyard. This investment had only strenghten company`s significant market position. Besides, Chipolbrok has modernised some of other types of the ships and equipped them with new cranes being able to lift pieces weighing up to 300 tonnes. 



For customers convenience – a net of professional agencies in all countries within sailing routes has been set up. Moreover, even complex transportation requirements like “door to door” service ex works at South/East Europe up to smaller ports at Chinese seacoast, some river and hinterland destinations might be skipped at our own, daughter forwarding & agency companies established in both China and Poland. 

Needless to mention, that customers’ transportation needs and requirements are the guide line and always take top priority in Chipolbrok business philosophy. The company, being the major break-bulk carrier on North Continent-Far East route, with well trained and experienced staff guarantees a very high standard of services.

Apart from shipping business, Chipolbrok is also involved in other activities like real estate and financial capital investments, shareholding in other companies. 


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