M/V Parandowski - Walk of Fame


„PARANDOWSKI“  -  writer, essayist, literary translator – and now movie star


Calling at New Orleans‘ Poland Avenue wharf m/v „PARADOWSKI“, built in 2010, had to load a parcel of 25,000 tons zinc ingots to Shanghai. Easy job for this vessel with a dwt capacity of roughly 30.300tdw. When the loading operations were completed the ship expected a completely new task.

Having no objections from the movie studio we can describe Chipolbrok’s latest activity in the field of action movies. With own cranes and a deck space of almost 2,000 sqm enough playground for producers, actors and participants to get an exiting showdown into their box.

Taking cargo on board was finalized m/v „PARANDOWSKI“ shifted and stayed at the berth at Poland Avenue for one day more to be used as a set for filming. The crew was employed as back-plan actors and the vessel cranes played loading and discharging for some containers as a most realistic background.

Working title of the movie is "Power" and the script was penned by Mattson Tomlin. It concerns „a heithened sci-fi action thriller“ set at Portland during a drug epidemic. The drug in question gives people a range of super power. Gordon-Levitt will play a cop whose job is to get the drug off the street but realizes that the only way to fight the users is to take the drug himself. Starring is Rodrigo SantoroMachine Gun Kelly, Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 

Regarding potential filming options C-P had been in touch with the movie production company over a long period already. On other occasion producers chose different floating units like barge instead of cargo ship.

Discussion about "PARANDOWSKI" project started already months ago. Whilst the filming schedule had been postponed for middle of November m/v „PARANDWOSKI“ became the contender.


Production company liked C-P ships from the beginning,  basis the description and available pictures. Soon after owners started more detailed discussion a scouting team visited Master and the ship and did more comprehensive  evaluation.

Initially project was to be simple – after completion of all cargo operations - to make the ship and it’s weather deck available for the movie team by engaging two ship crane drivers from crew turning a few of charters containers dock side to the ship. It grew later into more complex venture with participation of 15 crew members as amateur actors in the background.

Filming was planned for one day to include dusk scenes at Poland Avenue berth. On Friday November 16 - "the filming day" - weather was perfect, a typical sunny and warm Louisiana day with beautiful sunset. Charterers were happy with the footage, captured scenes, and in particular with crew being very helpful, accommodating and professional some with a kind of enthusiasm.


M/v „PARANDOWSKI“ is named after the Polish writer, essayist and literary translator - a proper nam for the vessel decorated with the Star of Fame.


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