M/V „QIANKUN“ – taking 350ts big boys in Hamburg


Chipolbrok's heavy geared mpp "QIANKUN" started its eastbound voyage upon commencing loading at Hamburg Wallmann terminal on 17/9. Amongst a reasonable portion of general cargo also a consignment of 40 packages off-shore equipment incl. 2 heavy units of each 350ts had been safely lifted on board. Handling happened from overside by ships own cranes and pices had been stowed into lower holds. Same procedure at discharging port from where the units will be directly transferred to the sea site.   

Generally Chipolbrok takes its cargoes in Hamburg at their contracted terminal C. Steinweg SWT which happened also here after shifting the vessel during the weekend. It shows its flexibility to call also within same port different places being beyond their standards if the inducement allows. 

Next port of call became Antwerp where the vessel loaded a remarkable portion of rolling stock equipment being the fifth lot out of a larger contract to Dalian. Since decades C-P is a leading carrier of any railway related cargo whether rolling stock or track building materials. Apart that a complete beverage production plant to HoChiMinh City from German exporters became a substantial lot of break bulk cargo taken on board. 

After completion of loading the vessel is passing the Suez Canal being bound for ports at India, Vietnam, Philippines, Korea and Chinese main ports like Shanghai and Dalian. New employment to follow from China for another trip around the world. 

This specific voyage underlines again owners knowledge in handling sophisticated cargoes and readiness of shifting vessels to more than one terminal. And also their standby to adjust a liner schedule according to shippers requirements, especially to enforce calls at Ports in Vietnam and Philippines like Batangas. 

Gdynia, 30th of September 2018 / OP

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