Chipolbrok Galaxy

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Flag Cyprus
LOA 199.80 m
Breadth 27.80 m
DWT 30435
Draft 11.00 m
Cub. ft 1417000
Deck & holds 1904TEU
Cranes PCS/TONS 2x320 and 2x50

In 2003 and 2004, four  30,000 DWT vessels with cranes of max 640 tons lifting capacity, "WLADYSLAW ORKAN", "CHIPOLBROK SUN", "CHIPOLBROK MOON" and "LEOPOLD STAFF" were delivered to Chipolbrok. In addition, Chipolbrok upgraded seven vessels, "TAXING" later renamed "HONGXING", "YONGXING", "NORWID', "'CHONGMING", "JIAXING", "WIENIAWSKI", "SZYMANOWSKI" and equipped them with new heavy lift cranes up to 300 tons lifting capacity. Presently CHIPOLBROK operates two of them, "HONGXING" and "NORWID", others have been withdrawn from operations. Since November 2009, six newbuildings, "CHIPOLBROK STAR", "CHIPOLBROK COSMOS", renamed in 2017 "QIAN QUN", "CHIPOLBROK GALAXY", "ADAM ASNYK", "KRASZEWSKI" and "PARANDOWSKI", similar to first four 30,000 DWT vessels have been put into operation in the fleet of Chipolbrok worldwide liner service. In recent years, by means of building and fleet upgrading, Chipolbrok put great efforts to promote its fleet to world-class professional heavy lift and project cargo carrier. Renewed fleet enable Chipolbrok to be more powerful for the carriage of heavy and oversized pieces, which undoubtedly bring new vigor into the development of the company.

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