Emission Trading System (ETS) surcharge


Dear Customers,


We want to keep you informed about an important change in our services. As from 1st of January our company will introduce an Emission Trading System (ETS) surcharge, and we'd like to explain what it means and its’ purpose.


**What is ETS?**

ETS, or Emission Trading System, is a critical part of the global effort to combat climate change. It operates on a straightforward principle: companies that emit greenhouse gases (GHGs), like carbon dioxide, pay a price for their emissions, while those that reduce their emissions are rewarded. It's a system that encourages environmentally-friendly practices within the shipping industry.


Here's how it works for us: When our ships transport goods, they produce GHG emissions. To comply with ETS regulations, we need to obtain allowances known as EU Allowances (EUAs). Each EUA represents one metric ton of emissions. Our goal is to reduce our emissions, whether through route optimization, fuel-efficient technologies, or other sustainable practices, so we won't need as many EUAs. This allows us to keep ETS surcharges on fair level.


**Why Are We Introducing ETS?**

Starting in January 2024, the European Union includes shipping in the Emission Trading System. This means we need to follow new rules aimed at reducing emissions. It's all about being responsible stewards of the environment. We believe in sustainability and want to play our part in reducing our carbon footprint. By introducing ETS, we're taking a step towards a greener future.


**How Did We Calculate It?**

After careful analysis which included our vessels specifics, current services, nature and type of cargo carried by us, we've set the surcharge at USD 4 per freight ton and USD 120 /240 per TEU/FEU (for containers)which is valid until further notice.  Chipolbrok  introduces this surcharge level  valid for all trades from Europe - Middle East and India-South East Asia - Far East and back to Europe. We've considered various factors to keep it fair, including market conditions and environmental impact. Our goal is to strike a balance between environmental responsibility and maintaining a competitive edge.


We appreciate your understanding as we work toward a greener shipping industry.


Thank you for choosing us as your shipping partner.

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